For Physicians

how to order tests

Physicians can order AION specimens via an electronic requisition form. When your account is set up, you will receive ordering information directly from your sales representative.

how to complete a test requisition form

  1. Fill in the required patient and collection information fields.
  2. Fill in the required ordering physician information fields if it is not already prepopulated.
  3. Select the Draw Type: Client or Mobile (please contact your account manager for other options).
    1. Client Draw: Input the FedEx tracking # from the Airbill on the requisition above the Draw Type.
    2. AION Mobile: An AION service coordinator will arrange the best day and time with your patient and notify your office once the draw has been scheduled.
  4. Order your testing
    1. Standard Requisition: Select the appropriate check box next to a panel and/or test. You can also list the individual test code in the “additional testing” section.
    2. Custom Requisition: Select the check box next to your Custom Panel that is pre-populated in the “additional testing” section. If you require individual testing select the check box next to the test or list the individual test with test code in the “additional testing” section.
  5. Order Completion & Save: Click the “Submit” button to save the AION requisition by patients name or other identifier to a folder on your computer.
  6. Print order form: Print an order copy to put in the box to accompany the patient specimen(s) samples in shipping.
  7. After saving the requisition, you will be prompted to send an email via your default email or web mail. Select Continue when you see this dialogue box.
  8. Select send and the requisition will be emailed to an AION Service Coordinator.
  9. Contact an AION Service Coordinator with any questions. 855-700-AION (2466).
Click to download the AION requisition form.

submitting tests

Collection Kit and Instructions- The test kits will include everything you need to perform the specimen collection. Please read all of the instructions in the test kit to educate yourself on the proper collection procedure(s). Unpack the kit contents to verify that you have all the contents listed in your instructions. If any contents are missing, please call an AION Service Coordinator immediately. 1-509-720-AION (2466).

Click to download the AION Specimen Collection Instructions.

specimen collection

Accuracy of results depend on proper specimen collection and handling so we’ve included the appropriate specimen collection and handling instructions in the collection kit. Upon request, they can also be provided via email by one of our Service Coordinators.
By carefully following the instructions included with each collection kit and the final checklist, you can help ensure the timeliness and accuracy of your results.

  • Verify your specimen kit collection contents match the contents listed.
  • Read carefully through the provided collection and handling instructions. If you have questions, contact an AION Service Coordinator.
  • Use the containers provided in your specimen collection kit.
  • Make sure you provide enough sample for the testing ordered. Tests can be delayed or cancelled without the appropriate sample volumes.
  • Clearly label specimens according to provided instructions. Missing information could cause delays in verification of the test sample.
  • Review the requisition to ensure everything ordered has the correct specimen and volume sample collected.
  • Make sure specimen containers are securely sealed and packaged according to specimen collection and handling instructions.

shipping information

Outbound Kits: Specimen collection kits can be sent directly to the physician or to a mobile phlebotomist. All kits contain everything needed for specimen collection. Individual kit orders are shipped at no charge via FedEx Priority. Bulk kit supplies are sent at no charge via UPS Ground. Return Kits: To ensure the most accurate and timely results, AION Laboratories provides pre-paid FedEx Priority return Airbill labels with each collection kit for returning test sample shipments to AION Laboratories or other selected laboratory.*

*Sometimes specimen transport requirements require shipping the specimen directly to one of our partner laboratories. Separate test kit shipping requirements are indicated on the requisition with ** next to the test name.

When testing is selected, all kit information and instructions for shipping that particular specimen will be included in your outbound kit shipment.

Monday- Thursday shipments are preferred for best result turnaround time. If you do have a Friday shipment, be sure to mark the FedEx return Airbill for Saturday Delivery to ensure accuracy and timeliness of results.

shipping return checklist

  1. Insert the test requisition and properly sealed and packaged specimens in the provided AION Laboratory kit.
  2. Call 1-800-GOFEDEX (1-800-463-3339)
  3. Say “Return a Package”
  4. When connected to a service representative, please tell them you need a FedEx package pickup and then provide your name, address, phone number and zip code.
  5. FedEx will ask for the number of packages and provide you with a package pick up time.
  6. Close the box and seal with the provided tape.
  7. Fill out the FedEx return Airbill. Tear off the shipper copy for your records.
  8. Affix the FedEx Airbill on top of the AION labeled box. Note: Mark for Saturday delivery if shipping on a Friday.
  9. Send an email to and include your Client Account # and FedEx tracking # from the return FedEx Airbill.
Click to download the AION Packing Instructions.

test results

Once tests are completed, your test results can be delivered through the AION Client Portal or client interface. Our enhanced reports deliver clear, concise, and easy to understand results so physicians can make informed decisions about treatment options.

Click to download the Cumulative Report Sample-Male Baseline Panel.

clinical consults

Our PhD management team and Medical Director are available for complimentary consults on test selection and interpretation of patient results. Consider them an extension of your own team and leverage their expertise as needed.